Favorite Artists

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Continuing still with my favorite visual artists:

Van Gogh Van Gogh

Da Vinci Da Vinci

Pollock Warhol

Monet Monet

What famous artists do you love?



Favorite Music Artists

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Continuing with my favorites, music artists:

Bruno Mars Bruno Mars

Lady Gaga Lady Gaga

Queen Queen

The Beatles the Beatles


Who do you listen to?


Celebrity Crushes

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I figured I’d have a little more fun with my posts and share my celebrity crushes.

In no particular order:

Johnny Depp johnnyd So what if he’s in his early 50s I still love him

Ian Somerhalder IanS Yes please!

Milla Jovovich MillaJ Most known for her role in the Resident Evil movies

Jennifer Lawrence JLaw Who doesn’t love her!

Leonardo Dicaprio LeonardoD Loved him in Titanic, love him still in Gatsby

Orlando Bloom OrlandoB Yup Willy Turner and Legolas

Who’s movies do you always have to see, just cause they’re in it?


30 Days 2

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It was another tough one, especially near the end when I need to do over a hundred squats a day, but I’m feeling really good about it.

This is my butt

This is my butt


This is my butt on squats


And next up is: Arms

With 20 of each Squats, Calf rises, Lunges, Sit ups, Crunches, Leg raises and a minute of each Plank and Wall sit.

See ya again in 30.


Favorite Shows

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Last week I shared my favorite authors, now to continue with my favorites I’m going to share my favorite TV Shows.

In no particular order:

Bones Bones

Grey’s Anatomy grey'sA

Glee Glee

The Vampire Diaries VampD

Law & Order: SVU SVU

What do you have to watch every week?


If you’ve tried in the last few days

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The last few days, since the 30th I think, the site was under suspension. Not sure exactly why, the only explanation  was that it was flagged by their anti-spam software.

Oh well, no harm done.

Just wanted to let all my readers know what happened.


Favorite Authors

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I figured I’d share a few of my favorite things during the month of December and I’m starting with my favorite authors.

In no particular order:

Laurell K. Hamilton Laurell Most known for the Anita Blake Series

Kim Harrison Kim Most known for The Hollows Series

JK Rowling JK Yup Harry Potter

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes Amelia Den of Shadows and Kiesha’ra Series

Patricia Briggs Patricia The Mercy Thompson Series

Suzanne Collins Suzanne Hunger Games Trilogy

Ellen Hopkins Ellen Crank, Perfect, Identical, etc.

Who do you read? ❤


Future Projects

•November 24, 2013 • 2 Comments

I’ve posted about finished projects and I figured I’d share my future projects with you all.

I’ve got plans to crochet a rag rug using this tutorial.

Got a ways to go here

Got a ways to go here

I’ve got a 30″ by 48″ canvas that I plan to paint a ‘Tree of Life’ on one of these days.

I plan to crochet this afghan.

Nothing started there yet. Not even any yarn.

I also plan to make this quilt with my grandma.

Nothing there yet either.

I’ve got some projects to finish and some money to save up before I can even think about these projects but I figured I’d share them anyway.

Have you got any future creative plans? 🙂


Jello Cups

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Any one with kids has probably at least made one pack lunch. R does cold lunch at least once or twice a week and we don’t always get to the store often enough to keep up with it.

Lunch typically  includes a sandwich, a side, a drink and a dessert. Right now dessert is a Halloween candy and we bought up a bunch of drinks a while back, and we always have at least P,B & J in the house, so the dilemma is a side.

We bought a dozen packages of jello on sale a while back and haven’t used them. A few weeks back I started making them for snacks and I had the bright idea to use them in lunch. We even have small containers that look like the jello cups you can buy at the store and better yet they’re reusable.

Last night I made some and poured it right in there so I just capped it and threw it in her lunch bag this morning.


There’s my random smart tip for now.

What do you/ have you put in your kids’ lunches?


30 Days

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Well here we are again, I just went a little longer this time. 30 days and oh boy was it one hell of a journey.

For someone who’s never really worked out this was a tough one.

301day1 Here’s what I looked like when I started.

301day30Here’s what I look like now

And here’s what I’m doing next:

Legs and Butt Legs and Butt

As well as 20 of each sit ups, crunches, and leg raises and a 1 min plank.

Give ya the update in 30. ❤