This past Summer had some pretty decent dry spells and everything suffered for it.

P works in a factory about half of an hour North of our house and there’s a swamp near there and that dried up this past Summer.

As that swamp was drying up the animals living there fled to find a new place to live. And the parking lot at P’s work was in the way of that.

Near the beginning of one of our Summer droughts P brought home a Male Painter turtle. We believe him to be 2-3 years old based on his size.


Betelgeuse. Careful he bites.

2-3 weeks later he brought home a Male Snapping Turtle. We believe him to be less than a year old based on his size.


Snappy. The sweetest little killer. He even cuddles.

The spent the remainder of the Summer outside on the porch and came in when the nights started cooling down.

I got 2 of my dad’s old tanks from my mom and we built them homes.


They even get baths


They’re usually terrified of each other, I was surprised they sat next to each other like this

They’ll both need new homes as they grow and they can never live in the same tank together, but we’ve gotten relatively attached to them so they’re not going anywhere.


To be able to hold something I had been taught my whole life to be afraid of, is amazing. He doesn’t like it, but I honestly have trouble putting him down.

They’re our little rescues and have been our pets for months. We sometimes forget to feed them, we don’t always remember to clean their tanks, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care.

They can’t handle being held and one of them has bitten us each several times and the other could take a finger off, but that doesn’t mean we get rid of them.

And at the end of the day I know that if we ever thought we couldn’t care for them or weren’t caring for them the way we should we’d let them go.

I can’t wait to watch these guys grow and learn about how to take care of them as they do so.

It’s been an adventure to this point and will continue to be over the remainder of their lifetimes.

What kind of interesting pets have you had? ❤



~ by Ana on January 27, 2014.

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