Happy New Year!!

I’ve talked about dreams and goals in the past and I’ve down played New Year’s Resolutions. I still don’t full believe they’re the way to go since they don’t traditionally have deadlines, but this year mine do.

This year I plan to participate in the Color Run when it comes to GR. Due to its popularity in 2013 I’ve already started watching for sign up to open.

I also plan to start seriously saving for the future. Whether I open a CD, a savings account with a set deposit every month or simply a jelly jar in my dresser. This will be done by the time I turn 23, that’s over 6 months out, but it never hurts to give yourself some time to set things up.

I’ll tell ya about the Color Run in August and I’ll tell ya a little about my savings when that happens.



~ by Ana on January 1, 2014.

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