Future Projects

I’ve posted about finished projects and I figured I’d share my future projects with you all.

I’ve got plans to crochet a rag rug using this tutorial.

Got a ways to go here

Got a ways to go here

I’ve got a 30″ by 48″ canvas that I plan to paint a ‘Tree of Life’ on one of these days.

I plan to crochet this afghan.

Nothing started there yet. Not even any yarn.

I also plan to make this quilt with my grandma.

Nothing there yet either.

I’ve got some projects to finish and some money to save up before I can even think about these projects but I figured I’d share them anyway.

Have you got any future creative plans? 🙂



~ by Ana on November 24, 2013.

2 Responses to “Future Projects”

  1. I was looking thru your blog and thought i would comment. I have 2 or 3 window panes from your house on Forrest St. in Wayland. My hope is to make them into a wall hanging with pictures. One window has a grid in it. I believe another is totally clear. I would like to have someone paint something it when i decide what that something is.

  2. I’d be glad to do it. Just let me know.

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