Jello Cups

Any one with kids has probably at least made one pack lunch. R does cold lunch at least once or twice a week and we don’t always get to the store often enough to keep up with it.

Lunch typically  includes a sandwich, a side, a drink and a dessert. Right now dessert is a Halloween candy and we bought up a bunch of drinks a while back, and we always have at least P,B & J in the house, so the dilemma is a side.

We bought a dozen packages of jello on sale a while back and haven’t used them. A few weeks back I started making them for snacks and I had the bright idea to use them in lunch. We even have small containers that look like the jello cups you can buy at the store and better yet they’re reusable.

Last night I made some and poured it right in there so I just capped it and threw it in her lunch bag this morning.


There’s my random smart tip for now.

What do you/ have you put in your kids’ lunches?



~ by Ana on November 19, 2013.

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