Dreams With a Deadline

Goal setting is a habit of nearly everyone, but goals don’t accomplish themselves. We’ve all made New Years Resolutions that sounded good on December 31st but were completely forgotten by January 1st or 2nd. It takes hard work to truly accomplish your goals. Last week I talked about dreams, well the same people that I’ve heard talk about inevitable happenings talk about dreams with a deadline. You work towards both dreams and goals but you work harder when you’ve got a deadline.

One goal I have for the month of August is to make $500. Yes that’s not a lot of money, but my expenses are minimal and its not even halfway through August and I’m almost halfway there. If I meet my goal awesome, but if I beat my goal even better and I can set an even bigger and better goal for September.

A few guidelines for goal setting:

  1. Dream BIG
  2. Keep them somewhere you’ll see them all the time
  3. Update them often
  4. Set up a reward system if you need it

Yeah they sound very similar to the tips I gave you in ‘Inevitable Happenings’ last week, but that’s largely because dreams and goals are very similar things as I explained above.

Wanna share some of your goals or have any questions, you know what to do. 🙂



~ by Ana on August 18, 2013.

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