21 Days 2

You’re probably going to get sick of these posts in a few  months but I just had to share about my most recent endeavor to change my life for the better. 22 days ago I posted about 21-day challenges and the completion of my first one. Since then I’ve done my stretches and my aerobic exercise everyday for the last 21 days. I also talked about a reward system to keep me motivated to do my exercises that reward system is a dime a day in a previously nonexistent tattoo fund. Every good reward system has a negative consequence and mine is to take a dime out when I forget to do either of the parts of my exercise and of course I have to start over. My next 21-day challenge is to not only better myself but to make my life a little easier. My next 21-day challenge is to clean everyday, most days it will just be dishes and cleaning the kitchen, but that in itself is nearly enough for me.

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~ by Ana on August 10, 2013.

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