Inevitable Happenings

Surely you’ve all heard about a bucket list. Many have even made one. A bucket list is most often known as a list of things to do before you die. I’ve heard a few speakers call this morbid and I’d tend to agree. As a result I’ve followed their advice and have titled my list ‘inevitable happenings.’

I’ve made a bucket list on Pinterest, but I needed one to look at on a regular basis. Before I share a few of my own dreams let me give you a few guidelines so you can make your own.

  1. Dream BIG
  2. Don’t allow present limitations to limit your dreams
  3. Keep it with you
  4. Look at it often
  5. Update monthly (more often if possible)
  6. No deadlines
  7. Have fun with it

A few of my dreams are to finish my current reading list, write a book, grow out my hair, and build my dream home. I will carry it in my wallet and I’ve put a reminder in my phone so at minimum I look at it/ update it once a month. In a few weeks I’ll post on goals.

Wanna share some of your dreams , you know what to do. XO



~ by Ana on August 4, 2013.

2 Responses to “Inevitable Happenings”

  1. I enjoyed your thoughts here. I would LOVE to read a book you wrote. Any ideas for a story line or topic? I have never been conscious of my bucket list but your comment of building a dream house makes me realize that I would have that on my list too. I feel I could cross that off my list now having lived in our new home for 2 years. I just wanted to build my own home and thankfully have been able too. I think I have dreamt of building my own home since my dating years with Brent.


    • I have an idea on what I want my book to be but it’s not coming together yet. I’ve got a plot written up and a bunch of characters, but no muse. I am working on another book with a friend and that one’s pretty easy to write. I may post a bit about them on here one day but for now I’m just having fun finding new and different things to post about.


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