Giving an Abandoned Chair a New Home

Last week I was going for my nightly walk when I mad a discovery. Someone who lived down the street had left a perfectly good wingback chair on the side of the road, probably for trash pick up.  I am my mother’s daughter and knew that I’d be able to fix it up, given I can figure out how to either reupholster it or make a slip cover for it. As you will see it also needs a cushion, but I’m certain that, that will be quite easy as all it will take is some 3-4 inch foam and some fabric.


I’m looking forward to tackling this project and can’t wait for the finished project. I won’t be working on it anytime soon as I don’t know for certain what I want to do with it, nor do I have the money to do anything with it right now. Any tips or suggestions for either would be great. 🙂



~ by Ana on July 16, 2013.

2 Responses to “Giving an Abandoned Chair a New Home”

  1. Very cute chair. I’m sure Goodwill or Salvation Army would have a cushion for pretty cheap. Then all you’d have to do is get fabric so the chair and cushion match.

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