My Scrapy Bag

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I’ve been crocheting for about 2 and a half years now and in that time you collect a lot of scraps. I’ve had the intention for a long time to make them into a bag of some sort, so needing a break from a big project I decided to start it.


Rounds 1-12.

From there I started working even for 23 rounds.

The 1 round of single crochet and then I had to figure out the handles.

I measured my hand and measured the number of stitches it took to achieve that length.

It was roughly 3.5 inches and that took about 10 stitches. So I went around again in single crochet it took 20 chains to span that gap.


After making my handles I did one more row of single crochet and then 2 more of double crochet.


Finished project full of stuff.

It was a fun project to do and a true stash buster.

Any questions comment below. 😉




Miconazole Nitrate Hair Treatment

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Miconazole Nitrate is the active ingredient in certain feminine hygiene creams and it supposedly reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth.

I’d seen several reviews on it and decided it was as good as anything to try, it can’t hurt anything.


Day 0; Feb. 5th, 2014. ~14.25 inches


The disgusting truth. And that’s only about 3/4 of it.


Day 30 Mar. 6th, 2014. ~15.25


And as for hair loss…

Once again a crazy hair treatment didn’t influence my hair growth, but this one did seem to decrease my hair loss, which is cool. I’m not entirely displeased with the results and I plan to finish out the tube I was using.

If you were to try something like this be sure to test for an allergic reaction.


30 Days 4

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Definitely feeling a little water logged. LOL

Can’t say I regret it though, it’s definitely taught me the importance of fluid intake. I know I won’t keep it up, but I’ll do better about it from here on out.

Next up is a creative challenge. I’ll be doodling from these prompts.

I’ll upload pics of all of them in 30.


Crazy hair growth?

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Last November I read a post about growing your hair several inches in a month using just olive oil and blood flow.

What you do is heat up a little olive oil and massage it into your scalp and down to the tips of your hair then you lay upside-down for 4 or 5 minutes then leave the oil in your hair for another hour or so.

The post I read said to do it every day. But who wants to take 2 and a half hours for a shower everyday, not this girl. So I just did it once a week and massaged my scalp, oil-free every day.

Having nothing to lose I decided to give it a try, but I decided to try it for 3 months.

After 1 Month. Dec. 5th, 2013

103_0792 6 days before Day 1: Oct. 28th, 2013

After 1 Month. Dec. 5th, 2013

After 1 Month. Dec. 5th, 2013


After 2 Months. Jan 5th, 2014


After 3 months Feb. 5th, 3014


The post I read claimed 3+ inches in a week, if you do it everyday. That’s roughly what I’ve gotten in the last 3 months.  Hair growth usually slows in the Winter so it may have helped keep it up to what I usually average in the Summer, but I don’t believe it increased it by any means. An oil treatment is always great for your hair so I’ll keep it up anyway, but no more expecting some crazy miracle hair. I’ve got something new to try this next month I’ll tell ya all about it later.

Go ahead and give it try and share your results. 😀



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This past Summer had some pretty decent dry spells and everything suffered for it.

P works in a factory about half of an hour North of our house and there’s a swamp near there and that dried up this past Summer.

As that swamp was drying up the animals living there fled to find a new place to live. And the parking lot at P’s work was in the way of that.

Near the beginning of one of our Summer droughts P brought home a Male Painter turtle. We believe him to be 2-3 years old based on his size.


Betelgeuse. Careful he bites.

2-3 weeks later he brought home a Male Snapping Turtle. We believe him to be less than a year old based on his size.


Snappy. The sweetest little killer. He even cuddles.

The spent the remainder of the Summer outside on the porch and came in when the nights started cooling down.

I got 2 of my dad’s old tanks from my mom and we built them homes.


They even get baths


They’re usually terrified of each other, I was surprised they sat next to each other like this

They’ll both need new homes as they grow and they can never live in the same tank together, but we’ve gotten relatively attached to them so they’re not going anywhere.


To be able to hold something I had been taught my whole life to be afraid of, is amazing. He doesn’t like it, but I honestly have trouble putting him down.

They’re our little rescues and have been our pets for months. We sometimes forget to feed them, we don’t always remember to clean their tanks, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care.

They can’t handle being held and one of them has bitten us each several times and the other could take a finger off, but that doesn’t mean we get rid of them.

And at the end of the day I know that if we ever thought we couldn’t care for them or weren’t caring for them the way we should we’d let them go.

I can’t wait to watch these guys grow and learn about how to take care of them as they do so.

It’s been an adventure to this point and will continue to be over the remainder of their lifetimes.

What kind of interesting pets have you had? ❤


Coconut Oil Acne Solution

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If you’ve been with me from the beginning you know I use coconut oil in my hair and I had seen that it could be a solution for acne.

I’ve had stress acne on and off and with nothing to lose I decided to give it a try.

Day 1 Dec. 13, 2013

Day 1 Dec. 13, 2013

Day 30.  Jan 13, 2014

Day 30. Jan 13, 2014

It’s slightly better, but just yesterday it was much worse. My final word is that it doesn’t seem to work. There could have been for any number of reasons; the oil was old, it may have not been right kind of coconut oil, or it could be that the internet lies. I may try it again at another time, but for now I’ve written it off. I’m going to try a  store-bought facial cleanser bar next and see if that makes any difference.


Sharpie Tats

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Any tattoo lovers dream: cheap, customizable, temporary tattoos; the perfect solution for trying out that next design. Or some random design you have no intention  of committing to.

It’s easy and you probably have what you need in your bathroom.


Tools of the trade


Start by drawing the design in Sharpie


Sprinkle on some baby powder


Spray on some hairspray. Make sure you don’t soak it. Here’s my day 1. 1/1/2014

It’s ‘supposed’ to last 30 days, I took pics every 10 and here’s the final verdict.

Day 10. Jan 10, 2014

Day 10. Jan 10, 2014

It didn’t even last 5 days, which is a little longer then it would have lasted without this process. I know my hairspray was old, but it could just be case of the internet lying.

Give it a shot and share your pics. Can’t wait to see them! 😉


Even if you don’t like bananas

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You’ll like ’em fried.

I found the recipe on Pinterest. It called for a banana, some honey mixed with water and cinnamon.

I put some olive oil in a pan and fried the sliced banana for a few minutes on each side pulled them out of the pan and poured the water mixture over them and sprinkled cinnamon over them.


If I make them again I’ll just put some honey on them and not cook them as long. Try them yourself and let me know what you think. ❤


30 Days 3

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Another 30 days, another challenge conquered.

Day 1

Day 1

And day 30:

And next is working on my fluid intake.

64 oz daily. Yeah they say 8, 8 oz glasses of water a day, but I don’t much care for water, so I’m just trying to simply going to work on staying uber-hydrated.

In addition to fluids I’m doing 20 of each Push-ups, Dips, Bicep curls, Squats, Calf rises, Lunges, Sit ups, Crunches, Leg raises and a minute of each Punches, Wall sit and Plank.


Happy New Year!!

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I’ve talked about dreams and goals in the past and I’ve down played New Year’s Resolutions. I still don’t full believe they’re the way to go since they don’t traditionally have deadlines, but this year mine do.

This year I plan to participate in the Color Run when it comes to GR. Due to its popularity in 2013 I’ve already started watching for sign up to open.

I also plan to start seriously saving for the future. Whether I open a CD, a savings account with a set deposit every month or simply a jelly jar in my dresser. This will be done by the time I turn 23, that’s over 6 months out, but it never hurts to give yourself some time to set things up.

I’ll tell ya about the Color Run in August and I’ll tell ya a little about my savings when that happens.